Floripointer – the PCB hacking jig

When I wanted to flash the Gosund SP111 sockets with the Tasmota firmware I noticed that all instructions in the net suggest to temporarily solder some pins. This seemed like a lot of work just to load a different firmware on the devices. Besides, it is very cramped; soldering is no fun.

There must be a better way!? Right, we use the Floripointer. With this tool we can, thanks to the spring contacts, simply touch any pin!

The Floripointer can hold up to six arms.
Mount up to 100mm pcbs.
Customize the holder to fit any touch probes.

You can download the 3d model data in the download area. You need test probes for it. I used these ones: Conrad Präzisionsprüfstift.

Have fun with printing and assembling!


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